Dealing with PCOS and the hurt of not getting pregnant.

I was diagnosed with having PCOS over a year ago.  My husband and I Have been trying to conceive for over 3 years.  He offered to get tested first and everything came back perfect.  Before i stepped foot into that doctors office I had no idea what PCOS meant.  All I knew was I wanted to start my family with my husband.  I was a emotional wreck after I was told this.  I started taking metformin shortly after in hopes it would help calm down my periods and regulate them.  It did after a couple months which was amazing.  I fought an up hill battle getting used to that medicine.  Our families are vey supportive people but all have kids of all different ages.  Not one person around me has PCOS.  Most of my female family and friends got pregnant without even batting a eye.  I went thru a dark stage that first 6 months.  Every time someone would ask so are you pregnant yet, when you gonna pop them babies out.  I hated my self for not being able to have kids so easily like most women.  After finding out that here are so many symptoms that come with this I pin pointed the ones I have and find some news ones sometimes.  I had the irregular periods, unwanted hair growth (face, chest, belly) ,  and severe weight gain.  My thyroids are fine and I have no high cholesterol or anything like that thank god.  But I still feel like there is no light at the end of this very long lonely tunnel.  It has gotten to the point I avoid baby isles and have to push my self to go see my friends new babies.  Is there anyone out there that is going thru this and have some suggestions on where I should go next.  I know I need to go the doctor and know some of the next test.  But I am currently trying to loose weight so I can get more healthy for when I do go because we all know that is the first thing they say.  Which don't get me wrong that is a valid point but it is not just the only thing that stops a women from getting pregnant.  I would just like some advice and mabey some insight to what anyone else did when getting diagnosed with PCOS if they were trying to conceive a baby.  Thank you in advance sorry for such a long post.  
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