So overwhelmed... Just need to vent.


I've been really sick my entire pregnancy, since before the second line showed up on the stick. I've stuck it out fairly well, still working about 25 hours each week. On top of being pregnant I have adrenal fatigue, which puts extra stress on my body and I get worn out very quickly. And it takes longer for me to get back to 100% I'm about at my breaking point. I know my body's limit and I'm almost there. So last night I asked my husband if I could quit my job, because it's killing it. His response was 'I guess if you need to, then you can find a different one'. Seriously!?! The whole point of me quitting is so I can have the strength to actually get through the rest of this pregnancy. To grow you a child and I still have to push it out! (I'm 19w4d)

Don't get me wrong, I love my husband so much! He's seriously the best ever! And has been so helpful even when I've been cranky and hormonal. I know that he's stressing about money and will we be able to make it once the baby comes on only his salary. (The answer is yes, we'll be tighter than we are now but we'll be fine!) How do I help him understand that? Anyone else in a similar situation?