BFP on cycle day 81!

Jenny • Baby #2 expected 6/15/18. Dear son born 6/8/16😍👶🏼💙
Wow. I'm pregnant!! I got off birth control in January and have had really strange, irregular cycles since. We have been using protection until this cycle, because we just moved to a different country and wanted to get settled. When I was on cycle day 50 this cycle (our first cycle trying) I called the doctor because I wanted to figure out what was going on. I suspected pcos.. When the doc did the ultrasound he first looked at my right ovary and it looked like a string of pearls.. He checked the other one and there was a 2cm egg which he said would drop any moment. I made sure to jump my husband as soon as I got home! I think I ovulated on day 71 of my cycle!
I have been on a business trip in Portugal all week and brought some pregnancy cheapies to test. I got a very faint line a few days ago.. And today I found a more sensitive test (after speaking to a pharmacist with little knowledge of English.. Had to use some body language - so funny!) in Lisbon. Well, turns out I'm definitely pregnant!!! I am so bummed that I'm away from my husband.. I just want to celebrate with him!! But Portugal will always be special to me now. I'm going to have to tell some random strangers that I'm pregnant tonight!!