Need advise

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I am 10 weeks right now, I have been on progesterone since week 8 which my doc didn't really think I needed but gave to me anyway. It's the caplets used as suppositories. My levels where at 14 for the progesterone. I had a sonogram (not vaginal)  just last Thursday and the baby was moving and heartbeat was great. Starting Friday I've been having some very light brown discharge and I am freaked freaked freaked out. I also went to the bathroom on Saturday and I had such a pain in my abdominal region that I was scared to continue going, I haven't had that since. When I had my exam at 8 weeks I did spot for a few days after that but baby was fine but I just can't figure out why the brown discharge I did call the on call DR. They said it should be fine.  Can anyone put me at ease ? Have a special prayer I can use ? My appointment isn't until the 1st of Oct and I am so worried. It also bares mentioning that I've had a MC before at 9 weeks.