Do you ladies think it’s acceptable for a boyfriend of 6 months to look through your handbag/purse without first asking your permission?


Just looking for your opinions on the above matter as my boyfriend just went through my handbag/purse at the weekend without first asking permission. He claims he was looking for pain relief and wasn’t snooping but I found it odd that the first and only place he chose to look was in my handbag/purse behind my back. He then never actually mentioned it to me until some 12 hours later. I was unaware he even needed painkillers let alone looked in my handbag/purse for them rather than in the house.

So my question is, do you think it’s acceptable for a boyfriend of only 6 months to look through anyone’s handbag/purse without mentioning it beforehand?

Feel free to leave comments with your opinions either way.

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