IDK what to say, think, or do!

My husband and I have been married for two years and idk if I get a little too jealous but i hate when he looks over at another girl when we are together. Specially because we have 2 kids and the youngest is 5 months so I’m still very self conscious about my body. A while back we had an argument about me not “trying” to look decent anymore but just yesterday I got all dressed up in an outfit he picked out for me at the store because he liked it and so did I. Well I so happen to end up using his phone and come across a comment he left on another girls picture on Facebook. I confronted him about it and his response was “she’s just a friend” may I add it’s not the first time we have had this argument. I took him off of my friends list because he never comments or likes anything of mine anymore like back when we first met or before we got married. And he does on other girls stuff. But to the simple fact that he continues to do it knowing that it bothers me. Like I really try to be as appealing to him as I can be. During sex I try new things because I know he likes try new things. But i just don’t think I am why he wants anymore.

Any advice ladies?