So I just gave birth two days ago. I got out the hospital yesterday. My “boyfriends” mom has been calling me every single day to just wanting to talk. I barely get my sleep and she sometimes demand I talk to her. She called this morning, while I was getting my baby to sleep. I didn’t answer. She just called 10 mins ago, and I also didn’t answer because 1. I had a rough night with my baby. 2. She’s sleeping and she would be wanting me to wake her up and video chat her. She always demanded that I talk to her on the phone or else I wouldn’t get a “good job” before my baby was born I was told that I needed to video chat her twice a week no matter what so she can see the baby. It gets annoying and I need to spend time with my child since these are the crucial parts of her life. I understand she wants to see her grandchild but she’s crossing the line. She even told me “when you get out the hospital make sure you rest a lot” well I can’t if you keep calling Me. and talking to my “boyfriend” won’t help because he will just side with her.