Over reacting?

So me my boyfriend and some friends went out for a drink my bf had had a lot to drink and there was this one waitress I had been saying was pretty the whole time, she started serving our table coming over a lotttt, asking if we wanted any drinks all the time when we all had drinks ‘t bf started to get over friendly with her now he does this with a lot of waitress’ like just a laugh but their in there 40/50s and idc but I just didn’t like this at all, I told him to stop as I felt he was just being a bit too friendly trying to make her laugh. I told him to stop, he sort of did but then we moved to a bigger table and another waitress was coming over he started being very friendly with her then like the way he looked at her. Both these waitress was loving the attention and they was both around my age and it just made me feels shit. We’ve argued we’ve sorted it but it wasn’t until now that I’ve reqlised it’s really effected me. Him around girls was the one thing I could trust 100% and now I feel like I can’t cause if that’s what he was doing when I was there what’s he doing when I’m not?? Am I over Reacting?