Spotting after TV ultrasound?


I had a tv ultrasound on Thursday (5w6d), and started spotting light brown on Saturday night, then pink on Sunday night. It hasn’t been enough to fill a pad, and it’s only when I wipe. It also seems kind of intermittent. I’ll be fine, and then I’ll randomly spot again. Today I haven’t had any spotting. I know it is common to spot after one because your cervix is more easily irritated, and I spotted after one during my first pregnancy.

My question is, has anyone had one, and spotted a few days later? Last time the spotting was almost instantaneous. I know I could very well be starting to miscarry, and it is what it is, I can’t control that. But I just wanted to hear if anyone else has had intermittent spotting within a few days of having a TVU.


Miscarried 6/23/19.