My husband is “almost” ready

We’ve been a little less careful since getting married, but my husband still wants to use condoms during my fertile days (and he’ll pull out when I’m close to AF). On the other hand i feel like I’m pleading with the universe for a happy accident. I feel like I’ve been having some early symptoms the past few days... nausea, fatigue, elevated temperature, light cramping... and honestly I was so excited. When I started complaining about not feeling well to my husband, his response is “are you pregnant?!” but in a panicky voice. I asked if it would be so bad if I was, and he says “we’d make it work but I really hope you’re not.”

At this point where I realized how beyond excited I was at the idea that I might be pregnant now (and I may just be looking for symptoms) I suggested that if I’m not now, maybe we actually start trying next month. Husband says no way, absolutely not yet.

He keeps saying he’ll be ready to start trying in “a year” and then other days he says “3 months” and other days it’s “6 months.” I point out that really, what’s going to be different now vs 3 months? Like come on. I kinda just feel like he’s throwing out random dates in the future to shut me up :/

Anyone else dealing with this? :( I so badly have my fingers crossed that I test positive this month but am simultaneously so worried that he is going to be very unhappy if I do...