Rant about not being pregnant


How are moms so fertile when they do not want kids and the ones that do its more work to even get pregnant? Or maybe i just feel that way. I do not get how people are able to have 6 plus kids no problem... yet it took 6 months of trying for my 4 year old at 28 and now at 33 almost been a year. I do not want kids after 35 because of health reasons, but this bums me out. I am happy I waited until I was older for having my first though since I got all the “partying”out of my system. It just frustrates me though. I wanted 3 or 4 kids. I do not see that happening now. Especially since recently diagnosed with pcos... tried metformin... majorly upset my stomach... clomid I thought for sure would have worked nope... just ugh.