Breana • Pregnant with my first & rainbow! EDD 12.8.19 🌈 Miscarried 12.14.18 👼🏼

I had the day off before I work the next 5 days and so I decided to go to the nail salon and let me tell you... I WENT ALL OUT AND GOT A VIP PEDI AND A FULL SET OF NAILS. They rubbed my feet and legs with warm rocks and towels and a sugar scrub and I had a small glass of moscato and lord it’s been a while since I’ve treated myself this well!! 🥰🥰 in such a good mood

Ps. Yes I drank alcohol, probably a 4 oz cup of wine. My doctor said everything is fine and things in moderation are normal. So if you don’t appreciate the way I am doing MY pregnancy then continue to scroll please. Have not had a drop of alcohol this entire pregnancy as well as I’m not going out and getting smashed being aware I’m pregnant. So please don’t speak to me as if I’m stupid