My weird decision help

Lala • 4 angels and baby boy due in August

Ok so I have an emotional support anamal her name is misty she is 7 and was a rescue when we got her. So all we know was the she was abused and thrown around alot. She was an inside out side cat before we got he but for the most part she was an outdoor cat. So we have had her for about 2 years now and she is just really slow and I dont know how much longer she has so we tried to start training a new kitten but he got in an accident wile we were moving things around and we had to put him to sleep. It has been about a month since the kitten died. And my husband and I were looking at misty and talking about if we even want another anamal after misty dies or even before. Because we both know that at some point in the future we are going to have to make that call again and we really dont want to. We dont ever want to put another anamal to sleep. And we are dredging the day we have to put misty to sleep. I know It shouldn't be anytime soon but accidents happen so I am feeling scared. And I know misty knows I am worried about her all the time. ( she is grate at her job) I know I should not stress about it all the time but I do. So i guess my question is should we get another cat or no i am leaving this in a poll because i honestly dont know.

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