So my husband and I lost our precious first baby girl on February 16, 2019. I went to a routine appointment at 29 weeks and there was no heartbeat. We had to deliver that Saturday. It was so painful. We took a few months to heal and we just started TTC this month. I ovulated around June 11 according to glow and are started to feel pregnant again towards the end of the week. On Saturday June 15 I went kayaking with my parents and husband. I was telling my mom how I felt pregnant but I knew it was too early to take a test for my husband for Father’s Day. He has really struggled to acknowledge himself as a father, but I knew it was too early to test. So Sunday came around and I went out to get my husband his favorite bagel breakfast and across the street was Rite Aide. I figured ehh what could happen, it reads negative? I knew it would be negative I was sure of it. So I get home and take the double line test and I see this faint line so I take the digital and it says yes. I was in complete shock as it is so early, but I wanted to ask has anyone else had this experience. I’m already having nausea, fatigue, and sore breasts. With my daughter I had no nausea so I’m not enjoying that so much, but from what I hear it’s a very good sign to experience nausea. I’m posting a picture below. I would love to hear what people think. I’m just praying for our rainbow after our tragic loss.

Updated photo: