The guitarist p2

When I get outside I see Mia waiting by my car, her face buried in her phone probably stalking Theo’s Instagram, since they broke up it’s all she does. “ soo I wonder who you want to dress up for “ she says with a smirk “ hush hush no time for that” trying to get off the subject, we climb into my crappy car and she turns on the radio trying to find a good station “ is tonight the night?” She asks not turning her concentration away from the radio “ yeah.. yeah it is” I say quietly, she nods and finally finds a good station. When we get to my house nobody’s home which is what I was praying for, Mia rushes upstairs while I trail behind her. By the time I get to my room she’s already buried in clothes “ What about this?” She asks holding up what can only be described as a skirt so small it barely covers anything “ that’s yours... you left it here remember?” Her eyes roll as she dives back into the sea of clothes she’s created. I decide I should probably sit down and start looking too, Mias good at knowing what’s sexy but not at knowing my style. After what feels like hours digging through clothes I go down to get some food despite Mias hesitance to eat anything on her new diet. I come back up with sandwiches and that’s when I see what she’s holding up, a short black dress that shows off everything in all the right ways. I rush to try it on and when I come I look in the mirror I notice how full it makes my breasts look, if they were any bigger they’d burst through the dress. the dress exposes my chest just being able to cover my bra and the bottom looks like a very short skater skirt, this will drive him crazy.

I pick out my sexiest bra, black and laced with matching underwear. I throw on my doc martins and look at Mia, her jaw almost hitting the ground “ oh my god this is PERFECT” she squeals and when she gets dressed and ready we leave for the party.

Mias staring at me while I’m driving and it begins to throw me off “ what?” I ask trying not to break focus on the road “ do you have protection?” She asks in a voice as if to tease me “ FUCK “ I almost yell realising in the rush I had forgotten to bring condoms when she leaps into her purse and pulls out two condoms “ I only need one” I say confused “ you never know” she says with a wink.

We pull up to the party and everything seems to be in full swing, walking through the door we see what seems like hundreds of teens drunk, making out or doing stupid teen stuff. Mia breaks away from me and I walk around trying to find Elliot. When I walk into the longe room our eyes meet, he looks so sexy playing that guitar I want to ride him right then and there. I can see the hunger in his eyes like he’s undressing me with his mind as he stares at my tits and then my face, I bite my lip and wink wanting to tease him and I think it works because he slowly shifts his guitar to cover his crotch. He looks at me again in hunger, and I can tell what he’s yearning for. Just the sight of him makes me wet.

He finishes his set and immediately comes up to me “ wow” he seems lost for words as he stares at my exposed chest. I look down and notice he starts to grow in his pants “ well I wanted to dress nice... just for you” I say taking a step closer, I stand on my toes so I can whisper in his ear “ why don’t we go upstairs?”