So I found out.... FINALLY!!


Reposting because it got deleted somehow.

I’m new to using an at home fetal doppler so once I tried it, I had NO clue what I was doing. I was like “wait where am I suppose to position it”

Well I’m 12 weeks tomorrow so I thought, hell why not try again? Well needless to say I FOUND OUT HOW TO USE IT 😂😂 Baby’s heartbeat was 156. Heart was just a beating ❤️❤️

IM SO EXCITED FOR MY NEXT APPOINTMENT! It’s going to be the BEST birthday present EVER! (My appointment is on July 3rd which is my birthday! I should be able to know the gender but I’m planning to do a gender reveal !!!)

Hoping for a girl!

I already have a two almost three year old son!💙

Here’s my last ultrasound at 10 weeks 1 day.

So what do you guys think?! Boy or girl?!

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