I had court today for a friends pfa and child

I need some serious help emotionally right now to just feel like I did the right thing. So a little background information is that I'm 20 weeks pregnant with my fiance and I have known my friend since 6th grade (I'm now a junior in college). Him and his ex gf have a 1.5 year old child. I go on and off talking to my friend due to his relationship. So about two weeks ago he messaged me and called me out of the blue again and said he needed some help with his ex gf. So basically they broke up due to him being "abusive". I have never seen him ever raise a hand to a woman in my life but to continue the story here. My finace and I offered to have my friend and his son come to the fair with us including waterpark admission (saturday) as it was going to be crazy hot out and she was going to races so their son was gonna be in a hot truck the entire time or out in the sun. It caused a literal uproar and she took the baby to the races anyway after hitting a pole with her car leaving. So whatever I got sick after the fair and we stayed the night at his house. She came home the next morning and flipped out some. She calmed down and we all started joking around just having fun. My friend asked to take his son again to the fair (sunday) as I had free tickets to go. She refused and said it was gonna rain that night. It was morning still and we had all day. She was texting on her phone and this is where things went wrong. He took her phone and she flipped out. She jumped on his back and I got kicked in the side. He threw her phone and she slapped him. Now I'm nervous as they are fighting so he picked up his son while they were fighting. I took his son off him and brought him outside with my fiance as I just wanted the baby out of the crossfire (he talks and walks). She asked us to bring him in as he needed to be changed. So my friend changed him and was holding him. They started fighting bad again. She said he twisted her arm and punched her in the back and chest. I never saw him make contact with her I swear. During the fight she pulled his hair and smashed him into the wall with the child in his arms. She got the child after that and she left the house with the child. My friend called the cops and they said it was only verbal harassment. She filed a pfa and said he stepped on his child and punched her. So today we went to court for the situation. The police report was wrong and said no witnesses were present (both of us talked to the cops and said what happened). I'm not on anyone's side but her women's resource lady attacked him before the "trial". They almost made an agreement but us and his other 2 friends said he should go in front of the judge due to the false police report info. The cop went up on the stand and said he cant remember our statements. I tried my best to explain but the gfs lady jumped down my throat as I tried to explain the situation. I said both sides as well and left nothing out. My friend couldn't afford a lawyer and he made to much for a free one. She said on the stand that he choked her multiple times. I feel like I did the wrong thing trying to help him and telling him to go in front of the judge. He gets to see his son 10 hours a week but that's it. the agreement would of got him an overnight plus 2 mornings. I'm so lost on what I feel. Any advice ladies? Side note I am sort of her friend too and have taken her side many times.