How I unblock my tube naturally to get pregnant πŸ™‚

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To all my ladies out there TTC. Never give up on your journey! A little bit about me, I was diagnosed with pcos 2 years ago. Then after I was told I don’t have pcos . Then I went for an HSG just to find out my tubes are blocked. The Dr told me <a href="">IVF</a> is my only option and I’ll have to remove both of my tubes. I was devastated! ☹️😒. So I decided to research how to unblock my tube naturally and came across 2 videos that I really like and decided to follow the treatment of one which seem easy and less complicated for me. Start the treatment exactly on April 2 ,2019. I was taking serrapatase without food every morning 140,000 SPU and doing castroil oil heating pad therapy every other week except when I was on my period. Now ladies I’m happy to announce that I am pregnant! Pregnant 🀰🏽. Baby dust to you all! 😘