Possible juvenile posting corner

Bethany • 31 years of age, very opinionated but thoughtful
Certainly while none of us seem to want to encourage our children or other loved ones to engage in sex during their childhood and as they emerge into adulthood could we please have a room dedicated to the younger generations where they can ask questions and communicate freely without having them being exposed to the everyday descriptions that happen on glow. A woman and I were talking on here about the uncomfortable feeling of not knowing who is on the other end and feeling like we want to answer all individuals questions but sometimes adults have a crude humor that children really don't need. 
I think that everyone should be given answers and knowledge but I think in the way it is presented also can impact individuals. Children will do whatever they want even if you fight them on it or do not always agree, parents can't hold 16 year old johnny's hand 24/7 but an adult explaining different encounters that a child can experience when ready or without pressure or enticement is different than comparing the different things that a woman enjoys and what her physical reaction might be