Daughter vs mom

So my mom was accusing my 18year old little sister of stealing her money. It was only $5 but it got heated to the point she was calling my little sister a thief and my little sister told her she didn’t take it.

My mom later found the money. I told her I think my little sister deserved an apology. She said “I don’t have to apologize for shit.” So I told her that’s toxic behavior. If you are falsely accusing someone of taking something the right thing to do is to say sorry. So then she said “bitch I’m not toxic, you are.” I told her we all have toxic traits but that was still wrong of her. She told me not to ask her for anything else since she is so “toxic” including a ride to school or help with bills. After that I just left it alone.

I’m 23 and my mom is 53. Was I being too disrespectful? Should I not have called her toxic? Asking for advice ladies!