Spoiled SIL is a Soap Opera Star


So my BIL and SIL’s daughter was born in February and I love my little niece, but my SIL is off her rocker and it really makes me not want to be a part of their lives. My SIL comes from a rich family and very privileged upbringing, and doesn’t seem to understand how the real world works. I feel like I could write a soap opera based on the insane things she wants/believes.

A few examples:

-Threw a tantrum when she hadn’t gotten as many “congratulations” presents she wanted at 15 weeks

-Acted like she was a terminal cancer patient while pregnant and expected everyone to wait on her hand and feet

-Demanded a new house (bc they needed at least 5 bedrooms when they would have one child) that they ended moving into the WEEK she was due

-Rejected onsies from my MIL when they weren’t 100% organic cotton and told her not to bother buying anything that wasn’t on the registry

-Asking myself and my husband to clean her house for her (when we live over two hours away)

-Having my MIL stay with her to help with the baby anytime her own mother isn’t available

-Claimed that her 2 month old could say “hello” and “I love you” and screamed at me and asked if I was calling her a liar when I said that it just sounded like baby gurgles to me

-Took her 2 week old infant to a concert. Wtf?!

-Says she’s going to homeschool their kids, so the “government doesn’t brainwash them”, but doesn’t know the difference between your and you’re

-Takes pictures of the baby for social media, but has changed diapers only when absolutely necessary

But this takes the cake! My SIL is basically a SAHM. She works maybe 2-3hours a day at home for her parent’s company. She does not take care of ANY of the household duties. Her husband does all the cooking, cleaning, laundry, their dogs, and yard work while also working a demanding job full time. My SIL’s only responsibility is to care for their child. Her mom has been helping with the baby since she was born and is now out of the country. SIL is apparently overwhelmed and cannot care for the baby by herself (and do a whole lot of nothing else) and they hired not one, but TWO nannies to help her out. SIL’s rich parents are footing the bill. I truly cannot comprehend how spoiled and worthless my SIL is. She literally has one job and cannot manage that?! So many women work full time, take care of the house full time and still care for their children. She is so lucky to be afforded the opportunity to even be a SAHM.

It is just a kick in the face for my husband and I as we have been TTC for almost 2 years now and I can’t help but think that my SIL doesn’t deserve all the good fortune she’s had. I’d be so happy to be sleep-deprived and stressed about taking care of everything if it meant I’d be caring for my own child. I would be a much better mother than her and it pisses me off that she’s gotten everything I want and doesn’t appreciate a thing. My blood is boiling!