Nub theory wrong!! 😱 ULTRASOUND UPDATE

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Everyone told me it looked like boy on my ultrasounds.

ETA: Totally aware that sneak peek has been wrong before. Which is why I said I’ll know for sure in 2 weeks. Didn’t expect so many people to come here and comment that lol. Was just excited to refer to my baby by gender. I did this test at 13 weeks vs. the early 9 weeks they suggest.

Majority of the mamas that got a wrong result got boy, and that was because of male contamination. Others did it way too early. Its highly unlikely (not impossible) for a girl result to be wrong. Especially at 13 weeks. If anybody actually cares if they were right or not, I’ll update and let y’all know in 2 weeks. 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

Well..... according to blood work, baby is a.....

We will know for sure in 2 weeks!! 💖💖💖

Update: Baby is for sure a girl!! 🥰