ali ā€¢ Beautiful šŸ‘¶ boy born 4/11/17 via FET #1 after TTC for 4 yrs. Expecting #2 in Feb. 2020 after FET #2. šŸ’™

Hi all!

Besides estrogen and baby aspirin, what type of progesterone is everyone taking, how often, and until when? I've been prescribed PIO shots in the am and Crinone in the evening thru 11 weeks. With my first FET, I actually ended up stopping the shots around 8 weeks because of how bruised I was and I developed numbness. I feel like I'm headed down the same, path but at the same time, I'm also concerned about paying for Crinone to get me through 11 weeks. My insurance doesn't cover any of the meds, so I'm paying for everything OOP, and the Crinone is $37/suppository!!! That's insane. This time I'm wondering if I can endure the shots til 11 weeks and stop the Crinone at 8. Will obviously talk to my RE before doing anything, but...

What is everyone else's med plan?