Ovulation Confusion After Miscarriage


I am so beyond frustrated and just want to cry.I know I should stay positive and not stress but it’s been so hard.Flash back to April when I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks and that was hard enough but now my cycle is still a mess.I ovulated on day 30 of last month, and that put my period to right where is normally starts which I thought was great news.I usually start my cycle on day 18 and thought perhaps it would come back around this time but it has not.I use OPKs both normal and digital every single month without fail and my lines got very dark but no positive, this was yesterday and now the line is getting lighter again.I am just so confused and am not sure what my body is doing. I use OvuSense which showed a rise in temp but when I reached out to the tech team there said it had malfunctioned and they will send me a new one.The issue is also that I ordered frozen sperm and now it’s sitting it it’s tank just waiting and time is running out.Any advice ladies? I’ll attach pics of my strips.