New dog and settling on a house 😱

Harley •

My husband called me at work and stated he was getting a husky. I of course was like what do you mean, photos of the dog, why, what are we going to dog with 5 dogs at the new house, what are we going to do with settling, etc... I'm in panic mode because hes like hes 4 years old and needs a home because his friend can no longer have him.. 4 years of behaviors learned that we may not be able to change... we were told he does well with cats and smaller dogs... unsure about bigger dogs... I was very scared to introduce him to my other fur babies with the stress of not knowing and the stress of issues coming up with the house and more... I was scared and stressed... things are falling in place... issues are resolving, kota loves my other fur babies, although he begs for food and obviously has been spoiled by sleeping in the bed with previous owner we are managing... God knew I needed someone to love and cuddle with because I was beyond stressed. I was on the verge of committing myself just so I could focus on myself for a minute instead of houses, finances, family drama... but since kota has joined our family when I start to get overwhelmed they all lay on me... kota will nibble and pull on my fingers until I sit down or lay down and it's like hes saying mom slow down take time to love me... and its helped me so much his fur has soaked tears daily but he still loves me... my husband knew that I needed something to slow me down. And I am beyond blessed... look at the love they have... I'm ready to get into our new place to fence in the yard so that they can run free and play. To add a baby to our family one day and get our life started away from the drama that we have where we are renting... sorry for the long post.