Anything??? Afraid I’m miscarrying.

Ashley • Astrophysicist TTC @ 33. Oliver & Alessa born/passed Sept 2008. Emma born Aug 2010. James stillborn Jan 2015. Sarah born Jan 2017.

I was having increasingly strong lines for the past 3 days (5-7 positive tests), then today got hit with a fainter line, so I waited until tonight and got a FRER. First image is 7 dpo on Wondfo. Second image is 8 dpo on FRER at various angles. I’m terrified I’m miscarrying, since the chances of 5-7 false positives are next to zero. I get stronger lines at night, and these were taken at the same time of day. I also always implant early and the longest I’ve ever waited for a BFP was 9 dpo. It’s been a really rough year with lots of disappointments, and we’ve already had 7+ losses. 😥

7-8 dpo:

Tonight’s 8-9 dpo FRER at various angles:

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