Okay so let me start off with the fact that I’m livid. Idk weather to be more mad about what happened or being more mad about being lied to and I mean I get accidents happen but like really...

So anyways the other day, me, my kids, fiancé, my brother, and 2 of his brothers, we’re all hanging out normally. My brother dip off somewhere he comes back and he’s playing with my youngest son and everything is fine. He says “sis imma take him inside while I grab something real quick” I said okay yea🤷🏽‍♀️ 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄😤 he comes back out my son is screaming at the TOP of his lungs. I’m sitting down and my daughter is in my lap so I’m like “😳 bro what happened?” He said “I think he allergic to cats”

🙄😕 wym he’s been around animals his WHOLE little 5 months then as my brother gets closer I see a cut and he’s bleeding so I flip the fuck out and I’m trying to get him from my brother but he not trying to let me get him. So their dad (who is also my brother’s best friend) he grabs our son from him and hands him to me already knowing how I get. Now first looking at him he had a scratch on his face, 2 on his stomach, and one on his back. Now my attention is already diverted on the cat so of course I noticed the scratches immediately 😪 I’m holding him and trying to calm him down before I can clean them and my daughter steady trying to see what’s going on and my brother trying to point out shit and their dad was trying to see what I was seeing and I basically snapped and told all of them to move. His cries had me crying and ready to kill that damn cat🤬 my brother talking about he was going to get rid of his girlfriend’s cat for scratching him🙄🙄🙄

Yoooo😤 why as I’m cleaning the scratches and putting ointment on them I see this big ass bump and big ass bruise on my sons head🤬🤬🤬 and their dad seen it the same time I did cuz he grabbed our daughter and walked off so he wouldn’t try to fight my brother. After he walks off I ask my brother again what happened? He said....

1) I put him on the bed to use the bathroom and when I came out he was crying

2)I put him on the bed and when I came out the bathroom him and the cat was fighting

3) I know for a fact I put him on the bed and I didn’t see him fall or nothing

4) I put him on the bed and used the bathroom for sure and when I came out him and the cat were near each other but honestly I’m faded so idk what happened

😳😳 fym you faded bro‼️ when tf did you drink anything

🤷🏽‍♀️ I been drinking all day just not in front of nobody

🙄😤🤬 I grabbed our stuff, put my son in his car seat, got the kids together and we left. I couldn’t sit there holding my son knowing I was ready to beat my brothers ass. Because weather my son fell or weather my brother dropped him, he sat right in my face and LIED to me about what happened.

My brother avoided us for 2 days, my fiancé still wants to beat his ass, our older brother wants to as well, he came out to chill today and I really didn’t know what to feel. Like he’s supposed to be our daughter’s God Father but how can I trust him with the kids if he lied about what happened to our youngest??🤔 it’s like lie to me about ANYTHING else as long as it has nothing to do with my kids