Birth Story (Finally) ♥️😊😊♥️

Courtney 🦋 Mother Of 3 👧👧👶 •

Doctor's appointment June 11th at 10:15am. The doctor asked me how have I been feeling, I told her that for the last two days I had been leaking fluids and having cramps and weren't sure if they were contractions. She checked my cervix and told me that I was about 5 cm, next I went to get an ultrasound to check his position and he was head down but they they could not see his feet nearby like the last ultrasound showed. She instructed me to go immediately to the hospital and she said that she would inform the hospital that I was coming. Around 11:30am-12pm I went to the hospital. My room was already ready for me to deliver my baby boy. When I arrived to my room and sat some of my stuff down; I filled out some paperwork, answered questions, got hooked up to the IV, and belly monitor. Not too long after, my mom, hubby, and grandmother came walking in. Dr. Snook came in to check myself cervix and told me she would come back to break my water. Later, she's arrives to break my water and tells me she's going to break my water and put more water back in (so he won't be without any fluid). As I am holding my hubby's hand, she puts the instrument inside of my vagina to go through my cervix to break my water and then she puts her hand inside to insert the water. At the same time she was breaking my water she yells"I have his cord!" Next thing, they are racing me down the hallways while she still has her hand supporting his head inside of my womb. I can't quite see everything that is going on but I know I am in a room with bright lights and there are voices everywhere. I'm cold and shaking badly, they're telling me to take deep breaths and put an oxygen mask over my face.

As I had the mask over my face, I'm steady shaking and can't stay calm. I'm crying because I'm so scared and don't know what's going on. I hear a woman's voice as I'm laying on the stretcher saying 'I need you to keep breathing okay? Everything is going to be okay, you can do this. You and your baby are going to be okay, just keep breathing'. As she was talking to me, they put the anathesia through my IV and I was asleep in a blink of an eye. About an hour after the procedure, I'm still trying to wake up in the recovery room. Not too long after, I got to see my baby boy Camren for the first time. I am so thankful to be here because I didn't know if we were going to make it out of there. God is so good!


About a month ago, me and hubby guessed when Camren would come. I told him the 2nd week of June. He tells me to pick an exact date. I said the 11th. It was already a coincidence that I had scheduled my doctor's appointments a month ahead of time. Long story short, my baby boy was born on June 11th from an emergency c-section, weighing 6 pounds 11 ounces. Born at 2:22pm.

June 11th

Date of birth

6 Days Old