What picture should I use


Me and my boyfriend are definitely into the whole picture on shirt thing. He has one one me that he wears constantly. So much that i’ve had it remake it cause it faded out lol. tomorrow i’m going to watch him play for the baseball team our job has and thought it would be nice to show my support for him by making myself a shirt with him on it.

Pic 1 is my favorite picture of him and my dog. It’s a cute picture but not the “best” of him because it’s not too clear.

Pic 2 is a professional pic he did with a friend. It is an older pic of him.

Pic 3 is a more clear picture and definitely is him doing his signature pose lol and the caption would be cropped out.

Which one would be best for the shirt? The one he has of me is more of a selfie type picture but he is not a selfie person lol

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