My sister irritates me.

So me and my sis used to be close but I mean life happens. She got married and had a son and I still went around all the time even though I was busy with school and work. Well after I graduated I started working more obviously and didn’t have as much time. But she never came to visit me so I didn’t think it was a big deal, we were both busy. Then I got a boyfriend and started a family as well.

Ever since then she started acting different towards me. She’s never happy for me when something happens and always expects the worse to happen to me. So I kind of separated myself from her.

She has 3 kids now and I’m pregnant with #2. And of course she thinks it’s the worse thing possible. I don’t care about her opinions bc 1. We are financially and mentally stable. & 2. We were actively trying for this blessing.

We’re in the process of getting a house and she’s mad we haven’t showed her the house when we haven’t showed ANYONE. We don’t want to get our hopes up and it falls through and have to be upset because of it. (We’re 9 days away from closing so it’s not that long of a wait)

Well yesterday she asked what baby was boy or girl. I told her they made a guess but I have to go back to be sure. But we’re not telling anyone until baby is born. She got mad again and told me I need to stop being selfish and tell people.

It’s literally NO ONES business & no one is helping us financially with the house or the baby so it’s not like we owe it to anyone to tell them. She wants everything her way and she gets mad because me and my husband do things HAPPILY our way.

I understand her curiosity but when she was pregnant with the last two kids she didn’t even tell me I found out through my mom & the same goes for the gender.

It’s crazy because I thought my mom would be the one freaking out over us not telling but she’s so excited about it. And his mom really wants to know to but she knows we’re stubborn so 😂🤷🏻‍♀️