Am I wrong

So my husband is being super friendly with some chick that just he stands at the bus stop with in the morning with our son. She had given her number to him & he ( in my eyes is completely wrong to have ever stored it 😡 ) but however..let me rewind a little..she asked him to use the bathroom with her baby 👀& he allowed her to, he told me about it & I said fine because I wasn't there so, after I got out of school I saw her & introduced myself. Her reaction was unusual... I didn't say anything about that...another day I caught her staring down my husband questioned me the very next day about her thinking " I don't like her & I want to fight her👀 " scrolling through his phone I notice this particular name that just happens to be this chick... when I asked him why is her number his phone he immediately erased it but wanted to argue about it & how he can't have any female friends. My thing is, if they are not trying to be friends with me, they most definitely can't be friends with some random ass chick!! So overall we got into because of all this, am I wrong?