need advice really bad please help!!!

sorry if this is an annoying post I just really think I need advice from others. for starters: I’m 16 and a rising junior in high school. my friend recently started dating this boy & was with him + his friend. his friend asked her if she’d show him pics of her any of her friends so she showed him my Instagram and he asked for my Snapchat. he started talking to me yesterday & I guess really likes me which really really concerns me for multiple reasons- all involving my parents: I’ve never had a boy this interested in me & don’t know if it’ll go anywhere and if it does I don’t know how my parents would deal w it. my mom consistently reminds me that I’m absolutely not allowed to date (which I find ridiculous bc im 16????). In addition to that, he’s partly black (“mocha” as he says) and I’m white. I don’t know how my parents would be with that either. I really believe that inside, my dad is racist as well as most of his family. I don’t know how anyone would react to me being with a person of color if anything came out of us talking. sorry for this being so long I’m really concerned about this!!! please help & thank you in advance if you send your advice <3