I’m pregnant! So why can’t I tell you?


I’m 4w3d today and there’s a great article on the Glow page for that day! If you’re past that date I highly suggest going back to that date and reading the article! It’s all about the cultural norm of waiting to tell people about your pregnancy until after the first trimester when it’s “safe.” I personally choose to wait to post to social media until I’m 20 weeks, but I’m choosing to tell close family and friends within the next couple of weeks, even before my dating scan, because I feel it’s something to be celebrated no matter how early along you are. And I think it’s SO IMPORTANT to have a community of supportive loved one if something does go wrong. The article mentions how when women do share about their miscarriages, it’s crazy how many women come out of the woodwork to share that they have experienced it too. I think it’s so important for women to be able to support and rally around each other and be able to say “me too.” Anyways, I’ll let the article do the rest of the talking. Definitely check it out!