Does your SO help with housework


I am so tired. All I want to do is sleep my second trimester away. Last night I was cooking dinner and I had to do some dishes. I did half and decided I’d do the rest after dinner. I eat on one plate, put it in the sink, and I drink out of a water bottle so no dirty cup there. I fell asleep after dinner and woke up to a dirty counter and the almost empty side of the sink absolutely full. He had garbage on the counter and his dirty dishES are in the living room. (He sits up until 7am playing his game) This morning I asked him to do the dishes because I’ve done them the past few times. He got angry with me telling me all those dishes are from me and all the cups I use. I drink water from the bottle. I washed every single cup in that sink yesterday anyway. I’m so overwhelmed this house is so dirty and I feel like as soon as I clean it he nasties it up and won’t pickup after himself. Has anyone dealt with this? What do I do? Do I buy paper plates? Leave his dishes and do mine?