Is it true?

That when you start to focus more on yourself that everything in life just gets better for you??? And people who really love you come into your life??
Im a selfless person who literally has no one here for me other than my fiancé which embarrasses me because he has everybody friends and family. My family literally only talks to me when they want something and literally don't care for my opinion for anything, they treat me like I'm an idiot.
I'm socially awkward I think because I never care for really talking to people around me, but I make myself so they won't feel bad. I say things I don't mean and I act almost not really myself so I can seem okay to others. I'm not myself around others that's for sure, I always feel super awkward if I don't talk, like I'm socially retarded. 
I just want to be myself more than anything and not care about other people for once. I've been having to put others before me since I've been 12.