Low fetal heart rate


Update: just wanted to let you know after having a low heart rate, red spotting, and cramping I was sure I was miscarrying. I went in today to get confirmation, however, miraculously baby is doing well and has a normal heart rate. Baby is measuring right on schedule. I was in shock, and so thankful. I had a subchorionic hematoma, which accounted for the bleeding. I’m not completely out of the woods yet, but so thankful our little one is doing well. Thanks for your thoughts and comments.

Went in for my 7 week appt yesterday and was excited, but also anxious since I had a mmc in October. Turns out baby was measuring 6w4d, and had a low heart rate of 77 bpm. That’s not a great sign, but my midwife just said to be cautiously optimistic. I go back in a week to check. I’m trying to stay positive, I know it’s in God’s hands. I’m trying to make sure I have the strength to accept his path for us, whether or not that includes this baby.