Pregnant? When should I take my next pregnancy test?


So obviously my period is pretty late. I got on birth control when I was 18 and before that my periods were pretty regular. While on birth control they were obviously regular because the pill made sure it was. I stopped taking birth control after I got my period in December. Ever since my cycle averaged around 56 days. The first cycle was 57 days and then after that it had gotten shorter and went down to 55 days. I set up my cycle on the app for 56 days since that was what I had been averaging. Well this month, it is past the 56 days and even 57 days is 7 days late. I took a urine PT on June 11 for the doctor and it was negative. I was wondering when I should take my next PT? I don’t want to rush it since I just took one on the 11th but I want to know what the best time for me to take one would be if I continue to not get a period.