Does anyone get jealous 😔

I’ve been trying for a baby with my husband since 18 (I know young but we’re both ready and can afford to have a child, Ive done research , I’ve talked to my dr, etc. so please don’t judge)

My friends keep posting that they’re having a baby & just found out their pregnant , etc, etc.

My best friend just posted she’s pregnant with her 2nd and she’s 24 weeks along. She literally told me a month before she got pregnant she was trying to have another baby with her boyfriend. She was only trying for not even 2 weeks and she ended up finding out she was pregnant. But it’s taking me 3 years 😔 it just really sucks that all of my friends barely have to try but it’s such a struggle for me. I’m just upset and think I should give up I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I don’t know why I can’t get pregnant. I know I can adopt in a couple years , and I would love to don’t get me wrong. But I want my own baby 😖 I want to experience pregnancy, I want to feel my baby kicking, I want to hear his/her heartbeat in my belly. I’m just overwhelmed and upset.