Am I over reacting ?

I’m 39 weeks pregnant. When I found out I was pregnant I told the father and he wanted nothing to do with me or the baby so we cut all ties and I was going through this as a single mom. At 10 weeks pregnant my cousins friend started coming around more. I always thought he was cute but of course being pregnant I didn’t feel right to start anything with another guy. Either way we started talking more, he would take me out, and he even took me on a little getaway. My whole family liked him but I was so against what was happening because I thought it was messed up since I was pregnant. He told me he didn’t mind but that if I was uncomfortable with the idea of being in a relationship right now we could try after. But we still continued talking, hanging out, going on dates and I even slept with him. I trusted him.

Finally at around 27 weeks I thought “what the hell? We’re acting like a couple so why not just go for it ?” But before I got the nerve to tell him that I noticed him becoming more distant. Until he basically ghosted me. I thought it was my fault because I turned him down, so I knew I shouldn’t be hurt that he’d move on. I accepted that. But two weeks ago he just messaged me out of the blue asking if I had delivered yet. I told him no, and he asked how my pregnancy was health wise. I told him there weren’t any complications and thanked him for asking.

I decided to ask him why he “ghosted” me all those weeks ago. He told me it’s because he found out he had chlamydia. I was so confused on what that had to do with me so I asked him. He said he was sure I gave it to him so he was angry and just left me alone. When he told me this I was furious . If he thought I gave it to him why didn’t he let me know so I could get checked? He knew we slept together and that I was pregnant so any STD would be dangerous to my babys health as well. I told him he was wrong not to tell me, and just left it at that. But something didn’t make sense as I had been checked at the beginning of my pregnancy as it’s routine, and I had no STDs.

This was two weeks ago that he told me and I immediately asked my doctor to do a full panel of STD screenings. Everything came back negative thank god, so whatever he had he didn’t get it from me.

I showed him my results in person and he apologized. I told him I didn’t really want anything to do with him anymore, not even as friends. He thinks I’m overreacting but am I? I could’ve gotten an infection and wouldn’t have known because he was selfish and childish and decided to ignore me instead. Which could’ve put my baby at risk.

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