My disabled mum, she also has arthritis in her hands & is still making me baby blankets😭❤️


My sweet little mum, she’s 62, disabled with a serious spinal injury, so she can’t work, she can barely sit for any length of time 5/10 mins max.

She also has arthritis in her hands, she doesn’t do any kind of knitting etc anymore or anything that would make her hands hurt.

She told me she wanted to make me a blanket when she found out I was pregnant, I told her not too because she would end up sore, it’s been 11yrs since she last crotchet a blanket when my niece was born. But she insisted😭😍

She was up last night with pains in her fingers until 3 o’clock in the morning & I told her I would finish the blanket so she wasn’t in pain, she said no she wanted to do it. She’s persistent I’ll give her that.

It’s not finished yet, but oh my god I cried when I seen it.

She is the sweetest mother in the world & going to be the best nanny to my baby.

We are so so lucky to have her😍❤️