Listen to your body’s!

Lele • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧mom to two beautiful daughters 10/25/16 & 6/13/19👧🏼Two angel babies👼🏼 08/18 👼🏼 09/18

So this was baby number two and I’ve been considered high risk my whole pregnancy because I had preeclampsia and HELLP with my first baby. As I have one kidney as it is, and has some liver damage due to gallstones blocking my liver for an extended amount of time between the two pregnancies, my doctor had me watched extra the entire time. At 34 weeks, I knew something was starting to be wrong. I was having bright yellow “gallbladder bile poops” as I call them, dark brown urine and just felt off. I didn’t have any headaches, visual disturbances or swelling. My BP’s were around 150’s/mid 80’s, so high but not crazy like last time. At my 36 week appt, I told my doc something was off and he told me it was probably just late term pregnancy issues. I pushed and again asked for further testing because something was wrong. He sent me to the OBECC (obstetric emergency room) and they did a metabolic, blood cell count and urine test. Low and behold, preeclampsia and HELLP again. They had me come every other day and rerun tests and do NST’s because they wanted to try and let me make it to 37 weeks. I did the testing for three days and the labs continued to get worse and worse until in one day they plummeted. I was induced at 36w5d and they upped my pitocin every 15 minutes and I labored for 6 hours only! With my first it took 20 hours with the induction. They made me get an epidural about 3 hours in because my blood pressure hit 189/98 and it immediately brought my blood pressure down and helped babes heart rate. But then an hour later, I noticed I could feel my feet again, then my legs, then my crotch (cervix and vag) and then my stomach and contractions. Holy Jesus, to go from feeling nothing to feeling end stage labor in a matter of minutes! By the time the anesthesiologist got to the room to fix my epidural (75 minutes later 🙄), I was 9.5 centimeters and it was too late. I spent the last two hours without the epidural and in two pushes and a couple of tears, my little 36w6d girl came at 1:05am💕 she was absolutely perfect and latched and nursed within 10 minutes of being born. I went from screaming as I pushed to my OB yelling at me “Elizabeth, look down!” and feeling absolutely no pain and only joy as I took my daughter from his hands and put her on my chest. She has been doing amazing and was born on 6/13/2019, due July 5th. We are so in love and happy she is safe. My levels have failed to lower but have not risen, so we are still dealing with doc appts every other day and lots of labs, but I’m just happy my girl is healthy and safe!