Birthday gifts for the boyfriend???

Hannah • Girlfriend of a U.S. Marine Veteran


So my boyfriend is turning 31 on October 18th and I am having the hardest time deciding what to get him! :/

I know what he likes and dislikes but I still seem to be at a loss. He was a Marine for 9 years, loves his pistols & rifles, is a backwoods boy, loves hockey.

For his birthday last year I bought us tickets for a Pittsburgh Penguins game. We both had never been to one so it was a good time for both of us and he loved it.

I know he really wants a tobacco pipe so maybe I could pick him up some of that with tobacco? Along with something else of course.

There is a Penguins open practice on the day before his birthday. Would taking him to Pittsburgh for the day be something to do? His favorite restaurant is there also!

P.s. He LOVE to cook supplies? Yay...nay??