Need to vent

This isn’t a question. I don’t even have a question. I just feel like this whole TTC journey is not how I imagined it would be.

It was supposed to be this amazing journey to go through with my husband. But it’s turned into months of disappointment, sadness, stress and unfortunately jealousy. Days after days of peeing on sticks for NOTHING! And constantly doubting whether your body is doing what nature intended.

One by one, the women of my age are getting pregnant. Every time I log into Facebook it’s another one bites the dust. And I know I don’t know their journeys - they could have been trying for a long time. But many get married and fall pregnant within 3 months!!! Why is it so hard for some (like me?!)

I’ve worked my whole life to save and have a solid grounding for my children. Waited until the time was right. I have a lovely house with a spare bedroom just calling out for a cot. We are comfortable financially.. and it’s just not happening for us.

Thanks for listening. For those out there with the same struggles - I understand you and send you love 💕