15 weeks and worried about pains


Hello everyone,

As this is my 5th pregnancy with no living children I am worrying over everything.

I turned 15 weeks pregnant today and I am over the moon.


I am getting what’s like ovulation pains, almost like being punched, like a stabbing sensation coming and going very low down.

Where you would feel ovulation pain area.

I’ve had it for 3 days and randomly comes and goes. In the same place on the same side. It isn’t horrendous but not nice at all and sometimes (not sure if coincidence) I start burping a bit.

I’ve married a Greek man and we live over there but I am currently in the UK cooling down and I am not registered as preggo over here.

I would just like some opinions and reassurance if you have had this or if it sounds normal?

I am a worry wart but do you think it’s ok?

Thank you everyone xxx