Don't know what to do anymore

I had a miscarriage in April. I've had literally no support off anyone except 2 friends. My partner showed no interest and neither has family. Anyways me and my partner spoke about things and said we would try again, but in an argument he said he didn't after I had been taking pre pregnancy vitamins then kind of said sorry without using the word sorry (he never apologises about anything even if he knows he's in the wrong). I found out yesterday that I'm pregnant but when I found out my partner was at a course. I really wanted to surprise him but didn't know how in such little time. When he got back I told him I had something to tell him and showed him the tests. He literally didn't say anything and just carried on washing his stupid bike. I was upset by this as he knows how much I want another baby. (We already have a child). He basically said he wasn't happy etc, but i feel like he's fucked with my head so bad saying he wanted one then didn't! I honestly feel like leaving him because of how much he's a selfish prick. I've planned for a few weeks that we take our child to see the new toy story and he knew this, this morning he woke up, got ready and left. I argued with him because I feel like he's being a selfish prick for putting his mates before me and his child. I'm litteraly heart broken.. I don't want any stress as I'm worried I will miscarry again but he literally doesn't care. I've told him were done as I would rather not stress too much over' that' as he's not worth it. I don't know where I'm going with this I'm just so upset and feel so lonely. I haven't told anyone I'm pregnant so it's not like I can talk to any of my friends about it.. I even told him he could go out with his friends but if he could meet me at about 5ish so he could still see our child but isn't good enough, he would rather do it when his mates are at work and have no one else to bother with, sorry like but me and our child are not coming second best! I just needed to open up to someone to get things off my chest and I felt like this was the right place☹

Edit: my mam and sister have had miscarriages and I was there for my sister, I bought her gifts off the baby, I messaged her often to see how she was but now it's me no one seems to care and it's awful feeling like you've got No one..