What are you guys thoughts on menstrual disc?


So for starters I cant get a menstrual cup in. At all. Maybe I need to do more kegels. Maybe I am just small down there in the opening. No clue. I just know I cant get it in. I use to think I won't get anything in when tada those soft cups one time use only ones came on market and I can get those in easily. They work for 12 hours, I dont feel them the whole 9 yards. Now reusable menstrual discs started coming out. I was really excited to try intimas Ziggy cup only to find I cant get the last part in only like 80% in. But now there are others in the market, nixit, unique, Lumia. But I cant sit and try them all! So

.. what do you ladies think? Any of you tried. Any tips for this gal?