LabCorp Drug Screening

BoyMom👣 • • Ryder 06.28.18 | Rylan 01.07.20 •

I am taking a CNA course and have to do some requirements for the class such as a 2 step TB test, drug screening & SLED background check. I have never taken a drug test before & am a little nervous on what to expect. What was your experience at LabCorp (I can choose where to go, and I think this is where I want to go). Did you have to get undressed/pee in front of someone, I’ve heard you lock your things up in a locked room, was it at least a woman you had to pee in front of, do they talk during, etc? Also, about how long will the process be? I really have no idea what I’m doing and I’m super nervous even though I know I’ll pass as I am 3 months pregnant lol.