Hygiene is on fleek especially in the summer☀️🧼🛁

So I use a mixture of lotion and baby oil all over my body then I use a little baby powder in my butt crack to keep from sweating sometimes I do my vagina as well but I thought I’d skip it for my 🍆 appointment I used it on my butt tho...also I had a tear so I used a smidge of a&d ointment on the very inner rim of my butt...anyways I’m smelling good feeling fresh and clean out of the shower and I get to my 🍆 appointment and he starts licking my butt per usual I felt so bad because I know it had to taste like a bad powdered 🍩 I wasn’t thinking and didn’t say anything but I thought I’d share this Incase anyone else does this...skip the booty powder for the 🍆 appointment.