Please tell Me I’m not a horrible Person

Firstly I wanna say I’m so so grateful to be Pregnant and I can’t wait to meet My Baby but morning sickness is getting Me so so down. I can’t do anything and I just feel awful all the time I was in hospital on a drip this week and I feel like I need to go back :( My Partner don’t get sick pay but if I go back to hospital He’ll have to have more time off to look after the Kids (7&3) I’m just so sick of being and feeling sick there isn’t even 30 seconds in a day where I feel ok and it just seem No1 understands with My Partner and His Mom telling Me “You need to drink more water” NO SHIT??!!! I can’t keep it down! It’s like He still expects Me to cook and clean and I physically can’t its just like He doesn’t understand at all! I can’t blame Him I don’t think Anyone can understand hyperemisis until They’ve experienced it. I just feel so horrible because We’ve tried for this Baby for so long and It is so so wanted but I’m not enjoying this part at all. I’m only 8 weeks it lasted until 22 weeks with My Daughter and 16 weeks with My Son. I feel like a useless Mother and Partner at the moment. I’m so sick of this feeling. Just needed a rant hoping to find Someone Who understands really 🤮