How should I respond to this situation. (Judgment is not needed but is expected)

I went over to a friends house to smoke for the first time. He let me pack in the weed but didn’t say how much. So you know, when he said pack

I’m like, “pack it and compress it, GOT IT”. He didn’t say anything. As soon as I’m done hitting it, he then tells me that what I took was a huge hit. Within seconds, I’m feeling it and it doesn’t feel good. Im shaking, the whole world around me including myself was going in slow motion, I was extremely light headed and faint and I felt extremely sick. It got to the point I couldn’t move. I felt like I was going to pass out and die because of how fast my heart was beating and how fast I was breathing. It was like no matter how many breaths I took, it was never enough.

During this, he got extremely paranoid. He was essentially whispering me ear over and over again that

1. This isn’t my fault

2. You’re going to get me in trouble

3. You’re faking

4. My whole family is going to get in trouble if you don’t stop.

5. You’re out to get me.

6. I didn’t do anything wrong

He then tries to kick me out but because he was to uncomfortable touching me, he left me there.

He tells his family and at that point his behavior starts to freak me out. I was honestly fearful that he and his family was going to hurt me while I was severely under the influence and unable to fight. So, I told him I needed to go.

When I had asked to call for a friend to pick me up, he started to question who I was calling and why. Where I was going and with who. He didn’t want whoever I was calling to come into the house or know where he lives. He did eventually give in after I started puking and having repeated panic attacks. He wanted me to leave my car there but something told me that I shouldn’t. I struggled so much to speak but luckily my friend understood immediately and read the situation like it was an open book. He took me to his house and picked up my car.

This same guy has texted and called me 3 times apologizing but, what do I say exactly? We work together as well so I’m a little nervous going back in to work and seeing him. I feel like I need to say something to him but I don’t know what.

And yes to all the people out there who are calling me stupid. I know 🙄. Whatever you’re thinking, I already know.